Green Cover Straights


Oil Radish

Kings oil radish varieties include:

Siletta Nova – Our most popular classical oil radish variety. It has a medium flowering date and produces high biomass levels with deep roots. It is useful in a potato rotation as it reduces corky ring spot and the transmission of tobacco rattle virus carried by the Trichodorus nematode.

Baracuda - Combines a high early vigour with very late flowering and beet-cyst nematode resistance (Level 2). It covers the soil with crop canopy very quickly, making it an ideal choice as a cover crop.

Bokito - Produces a large amount of biomass. When increase of organic matter is your goal, Bokito is the answer. In addition, it is resistant to beet-cyst nematodes (Level 2). It has a very good ability to re-grow after cutting so is a good option where grazing is required.

Defender – Classified as a multiresistant, medium flowering oil radish. It can reduce both cyst and free living nematodes. Has good Beet Cyst Nematode reduction and is efficient at reducing free living nematodes such as root knot, stubby root and root lesion types. Valuable within potato rotations. Offers good bio-fumigation
opportunity with the correct management.

Bento - Bento is a sister variety to Siletta Nova and has the same nematode activity characteristics. Similar in growth habit to Siletta Nova but may start flowering a little earlier.

Stinger – A tillage (Daikon type) oil radish with very deep powerful roots. Especially useful to improve soil structure either alone or in mixtures with other radish varieties.

We have a wide range of other oil radish varieties for different purposes, such as beet cyst nematode reduction only varieties (Level 1 and 2), along with alternative multi-resistant types that can tackle other free-living nematodes. Using the incorrect brassica variety may encourage some nematodes. It is important when tackling nematode problems with brassica cover crops, that laboratory tests have been carried out to indicate which nematode species are present.


An economical option with rapid growth and high biomass, mustard has a long growing season and is suitable for late drilling.  It is an efficient nitrogen ctcher but not always winter hardy.  Careful varity selection can provide biofumingant properties and proven reductionof Beet Cyst Nematode, but mustard can exarbate clubroot and nematode issues, so be sure to take expert advice.  Kings vareties include basic white mustard, nematode resistant mustard, brown mustard and Ethiopian mustard.


Vetch is a large seeded legume which fixes large volumes of atmospheric nitrogen.  Available as winter and spring varieties, vetch can provide winter hardiness, deep roots and fast growth.  Kings varieties include common vetch and hairy vetch.


Common buckwheat is quick-growing and frost-senstive 

Tataricum buckwheat is a smaller seed, has greater biomass and is later to flower. It has more frost tolerance compared to common buckwheat. 


Clovers have a wide range of growth characteristics and levels of productivity, but all Kings' varieties are effective at fixing atmospheric nitrogen.  Options include berseem clover, crimson clover and red clover.


Cereals are easy to establish with high biomass production and good nutrient catching ability.  Depending on variety selection, other benefits include fast growth and reduction of blackgrass and free living nematodes.


Kings offers a number of grass based options designed to provide green cover benefits.  These can range from short-term Westerwolds to three year, high-output grass blends. 


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