Other Green Cover Mixtures


Short Summer Mix

  • A multi-species catch crop designed primarily for spring and summer sowings with an economical low seed rate
  • Ideal for revitalising damaged soils
  • Contains: buckwheat, oil radish, linseed and phacelia.

Summer Legume Mix

  • A multi-species legume-based summer catch crop
  • Brassica free, making it ideal before rape crops
  • With 4 legume species, it gives a high nitrogen fixation and supports soil biota well
  • Contains: buckwheat, phacelia, serradella vetch, berseem clover, crimson clover and red clover.

Super 10 Mix

  • For those keen to embrace the multi species/crop family blend, this diverse mix will deliver significant soil improvement benefits in addition to a diverse above-ground canopy, benefiting a wide range of pollinators. Can be sown during the summer or in the early autumn
  • Contains quinoa, winter oat, oil radish, berseem clover, common vetch, linseed, buckwheat, phacelia, sunflower and rye.

Summer BioFum

  • A specialist mix for biofumigation which produces a highly potent fumigation gas
  • Provides a range of glucosinolates with myrosinase enzyme
  • Requires specific growing conditions and dedicated agronomy
  • Correct mechanical flailing and incorporation into the soil is critical to success.
  • Contains Ethiopian mustard, radish and white mustard. EFA compliant version available

AECS Winter Mix

  • Meets the requirements of the AECS Stubbles Followed by Green Manure option
  • Provides nectar flower, soil improvement and considerable biomass benefits with a flexible spring to late summer sowing window
  • Contains: red clover, berseem clover, crimson clover and chicory.

Basic Mix 1

  • An economical cover crop
  • Contains: 94% winter oats, 5% white mustard and 1% oil radish.

Basic Mix 2

  • A valuable soil health improvement mix
  • Contains: 65% winter oats, 30% vetch and 5% phacelia.

Power Mix 1

  • Our most popular cover crop mix - simple and effective
  • Contains: 60% winter oats and 40% oil radish.

Power Mix 2

  • A high oil radish content mix with a low level of winter oats
  • Contains: 90% oil radish and 10% winter oats.

Power Mix 3

  • All the benefits of Power Mix 1 with a later flowering radish with BCN control properties
  • Contains: 60% winter oats and 40% Baracuda oil radish.

Power Mix 4

  • Works across a range of rooting depths
  • Contains: 66% winter oats, 32% oil radish and 2% phacelia.

Cereal-Free Mix

  • An excellent choice when looking for a cereal-free option
  • Contains: buckwheat, crimson clover, linseed, oil radish, phacelia and vetch.

Nematode Reducer

  • Targets soil-borne pests to support an integrated pest management strategy
  • Contains: 80% Defender oil radish and 20% Adagio oil radish.

Kings Short Summer Mix

  • A quick-growing mix of species that brings notable benefit during the summer months; great for pollinators when allowed to flower
  • Contains: buckwheat, oil radish, linseed and phacelia

Kings Summer Legume Mix

  • A multi-species, brassica-free summer catch crop which when planted in the early summer can bring significant soil improvement benefits
  • Contains: buckwheat, phacelia, serradella vetch, berseem clover, crimson clover and red clover.

Summer Sown Catch Crop - A

  • A flexible catch crop option that improves soil structure and creates good biomass •
  • Contains: buckwheat, phacelia, linseed, berseem clover and oil radish.

Summer Sown Catch Crop - B

  • Quickly produces significant rooting and crop biomass, well suited to going in before later sown winter wheat
  • Contains: oil radish, Strigosa oats and phacelia.

Cover Crop Options for Maize

  • These are important to consider in terms of protecting soils from erosion, improving soil health and retaining nutrients.
  • Companion crops - Westerwolds, Italian ryegrass or a blend of both to be sown within the maize crop after it has been planted
  • Post-harvest crops - rye, turnip rape and Westerwolds to help protect and restructure soils

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