Kings works closely with leading plant breeders to secure seed of the highest quality and carefully select varieties that best suit the requirements of a game crop, whilst offering options for all budgets and situations.

Establishment is critical for achieving optimum crop growth. Maize will not tolerate cold, compacted seedbeds and if planted in such conditions will often struggle to reach its full potential. Over the last few years we have seen frosts continuing well past traditional maize drilling dates. Those crops drilled during the warmer weather experienced in late May and early June demonstrate exceptional vigour and strength, with many sown earlier requiring a boost from foliar feeds such as Algifol.

Although many growers plant maize as a single crop, we generally suggest that it is planted alongside strips of kale, sorghum or a wild bird seed mixture. In southern regions we recommend under-sowing maize with Poacher Millet Mix whilst in northern areas spring triticale is an excellent companion, both providing additional feed and warming the crop floor.

Where appropriate we are encouraging growers to supplement or replace some of their maize area with a wild bird seed mixture to support farmland birds. Campaign Mix and Campaign Mix South have been introduced successfully on many shoots thanks to the ease of weed control and their significant appeal to game and farmland birds. Such a change improves fortunes for farmland birds, increases the interest to game and also has the potential to bring in additional income via stewardship payments.

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