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  • A versatile yet economical mixture
  • Good springtime production for grazing animals
  • Timothy gives early bite and yield while tolerating cold, wet soils
  • Suitable for overseeding during its later years of service
  • No clover option available.

DroughtMax Dual Purpose

  • Advanced Grasses™ are deep rooted and stress tolerant
  • White clover adds protein, minerals and palatability
  • Rapid regrowth and response to fertiliser
  • Withstands dry summers.

HayMax Short Term

  • Will provide high yield of hay or haylage with potential for multi-cuts
  • Advanced Grasses™ give excellent stress tolerance
  • Very good rapid regrowth with good response to fertiliser inputs
  • Diploids to aid drying process.

 HayMax Full Term

  • Excellent resistance to foliar diseases
  • Outstanding yields for both hay and haylage with late season grazing
  • Timothy improves summer palatability and colour of the mown sward.

OrganoMax 70% Short Term

  • 70% organically produced seed
  • Excellent disease resistance provides good forage quality
  • Improved yield, quality and stress tolerance with Perun Advanced Italian Ryegrass™
  • Optimum date for first cut 16th – 19th May, depending on site and situation.

OrganoMax 70% Dual Purpose

  • 70% organically produced seed
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Good spring growth with impressive yields at 67D
  • White clover for protein and assisted crop fertility
  • Late varieties that exhibit low stem formation for maximum forage quality.

GrassMax Cut

  • High output blend designed to extend the productivity of a conservation ley
  • Treated with Pro-Nitro™ as standard.

GrassMax Cut Red Clover

  • Treated with Pro-Nitro™ as standard
  • All the benefits of GrassMax Cut with an additional red clover blend.

GrassMax Graze

  • Treated with Pro-Nitro™ as standard
  • Designed to maintain the output and productivity of grazing leys.

GrassMax Dual Purpose

  • Treated with Pro-Nitro™ as standard
  • Extends the cutting and grazing opportunity for existing grass leys.

HorseMax Paddock

  • A long term mixture designed with sward density in mind to support the demands horses place on grass
  • Suitable for production of both hay and haylage
  • No tetraploids as high sugar content can cause laminitis
  • Perennial ryegrass combined with creeping red fescue and Timothy
  • Easy to maintain.


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