Supplementary Feeding

Farmland birds often become vulnerable to starvation during winter when natural sources run out. To ensure they enter spring in the best possible condition for breeding and survival, supplementary feeding during this ‘hungry gap’, from December to April, is vital.

Natural England introduced options EF23 and HF24 within Environmental and Countryside Stewardship to support this activity, termed supplementary feeding. There is also an opportunity to support the Campaign for the Farmed Environment by providing seed for farmland birds.

Supplementary feeding involves provision of additional seed from December through to the spring on a regular basis alongside areas of wild bird seed mixture and over wintered stubble. Great results have been reported by those that practise supplementary feeding and a range of farmland birds clearly switch to this additional food source when the planted seed supply becomes exhausted.

Kings supplies a range of advice and seed mixtures designed specifically for this purpose:

  • Expert guidance on variety selection to meet ELS and HLS requirements
  • A bespoke mix tailored to growers' specific needs
  • A range of small seed pre-mixes, full mixes including the cereal element and straight raw materials for growers wishing to mix their own seed
  • A wide variety of pack sizes, from 25kg to 1 tonne bulk bags
  • Inclusion of SEED grade millet within Kings mixtures ensures high quality feed components. This is vital to help avoid potential contamination of rogue seed species to plots
  • Flexibility of ordering and delivery; order any time for delivery in early December or whenever suits you.

To discuss your needs with one of the Kings technical advisory team, call 0800 587 9797.

NEW for 2016

Holding Mix for webIn preparation for winter feeding, Kings has created some new mixes to hold game birds and keep them in good condition during the colder months.

  • Holding mix 1 contains wheat, maize with aniseed, red dari/sorghum, kibbled peas, tic beans, black sunflower and red millet. It’s ideal for spreading and spin feeding on the ground.
  • Holding mix 2 includes maize with aniseed, red dari, kibbled peas, red millet and sunflower hearts. It’s designed to be used for spreading and in hoppers and can be mixed with farm saved wheat where required.
  • Kibbled maize with or without aniseed.

Seed is available in bulk bags and 20-25kg bags at competitive prices and mixes can be adapted to suit individual needs.

For more information, please speak to your local Kings contact or call 0800 587 9797.

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